Lightning Bug - Sleep Clock ver. 2.6

Lightning Bug has been a top app in the Android Market’s Health category for over a year! Check it out, see why! Make your mood! Find sleep and relaxation easier wi...
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CardioTrainer ver. 3.5.0

Your app for walking, running, biking & other activities. "Arguably better than any fitness app on the iPhone" -Bob Tedeschi,New York Times * Weight Loss Tra...
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Calorie Counter by FatSecret ver. 2.1.0

A simple tool to find all the Calorie and Nutrition Facts for the foods you eat.
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JogTracker ver. 2.1.0

JogTracker measures time and distance for runners, walkers and cyclists. - Display distance in miles or kilometers - Uses GPS and Google Maps to help you find your way - V...
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JEFIT - Workout,Fitness,GymLog ver. 3.3.0130

Workout Planner with hundreds of workout exercise. Smart workout logs. Sync your progress with PC. Charts for tracking workout and body stats Workout 1RM,BMI Super-set workout Body...
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WWDiary ver. 4.3

I wrote this application because I started doing Weight Watchers with my wife. Features: Food tracker Weight tracker Supports new PointsPlus & old system Food point calculat...
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iTriage Mobile Health ver. 2.73

iTriage was built by doctors to help you make better healthcare decisions. *Search symptoms *Explore diseases *Get cost info *Locate doctors, hospitals, urgent care & retail...
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My Lovely Bible 안드로이드 성경 찬송가 ver. 2.4.1

[베들레헴 성경 뷰어, 안드로이드 한글 성경, 찬송가] 성경/찬송가/교독문 파일 설치는 아래 개발자 블로그 참고세요. V2.4.1 멀티터치 미지원 폰을 위한 글씨크기조절 버튼메뉴 추가 메일로 주신 ...
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English to Korean Dictionary ver. 1.0

- In this app, You can only speak words instead of Typing them. - Once you speak a English word, It shows up Korean Words From Naver which is the most popular ...
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Nate Search ver. 1.0.3

Nate Search applications are easy to enter the query, search only one word can provide a variety of search results to users, a simple word search but only you can f...
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Nate Fortune ver. 2.0.1

Meeting with Nate Fortune and Android~ Fortune Gift set~ Daily Fortune, Friendship Fortune, A New Year fortune, Tarot Fortune, Interpreting a dream, et...
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NateOn UC ver. 1.0.15

NateOn UC is all about mobile life. You can send instant messages, SMS, e-mail, whatever you want to send. Moreover, you can manage your scattered contact list simply at...
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NateFlash ver. 1.2

NATE FLASH for Android is the optimized application in a mobile environment to enjoy a variety of flash contents. Adobe FlashPlayer is used for NATE FLASH ...
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NateOn ver. 1.0.9

NateOn is available on Android (most popular IM in Korea) you can, -Chat with your friends (supports group chat) -Send instant messages to your friends -Easily access Nate, Cy...
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NateComics ver. 1.1.3

NateComics and Android meet together! Enjoy your NateComics everywhere by using mobile application! NateComics application can take charge of your free time. Put yourself i...
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모바일만화보기(만화천국) ver. 14.0

만화사이트 모음입니다. [사용법]단말기 하단 메뉴버튼을 통해 세부기능 사용가능 2010.11.18 스포츠신문최신버젼/쇼핑조아추가 2010.10.25 가로세로최적화 2010.10.24 캐시삭제기능메뉴화 2010.10.22 안내메시...
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Winks for AIM/MSN/Yahoo/FBook ver. 2.0.7

This is an animation package of a very cute panda. If you think it's cute, share it with friends through Hi AIM/MSN/Yahoo/Facebook! Profile: Name: Pan-dada Sex: Male Pet p...
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Droid Comic Viewer ver.

Droid Comic Viewer is a lightweight image, comic & manga viewer. Main features: *Opens CBZ/ZIP, ACV, CBR/RAR (beta), JPEG, PNG, BMP & image folders (long tap) *R...
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Chuck Norris Facts ver. 1.1

This application lists Chuck Norris facts, one laugh at a time! Chuck Norris facts are added daily, so you never need to worry about the jokes getting old!
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웹툰(만화) 모아 (Webtoon MOA) ver. 1.3.5

여러분~ 격려의 별점이 저를 더욱 힘나게 합니다!!~ 보다 나은 어플로 보답할게요. ^^ 네이버, 다음, 네이트, 파란, 야후, 스포츠 신문, 아이온 등의 웹툰(만화)을 간단히 볼수 있도록 한 APP...
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