Beautiful Fall Wallpapers ver. 2.0.2

Beautiful Fall Wallpapers Elegant and peaceful autumn colors in the mountains for you to enjoy with a joyful heart. Plenty of stunning autumn foliage exist among the large ...
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Lock ver. 1.3

This is a application tool can lock the any applications on your phone,If someone want to open the application which is locked, he needs to enter a password ,so ...
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AndiCar ver. 3.5.6

An open source car manager Features: *Record your trips (business/personal/etc. mileage tracking), expenses, fill ups, GPS tracking. *Reports, backup & restore, statistics *Multipl...
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Recorder ver. v1.7.5

The program of auto-recording telephone voice call for X10 mini. Save data "3gp" on a sd-card in folder "Recorder". Open "ASTRO File Manager&...
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Naver Webtoons ver. 1.0.0

매일매일 새로운 네이버 웹툰을 만나 보세요. 요일별, 장르별 웹툰을 업데이트순/별점순/조회순으로 쉽게 선택할 수 있습니다. 또한, 제목/작가명 검색을 이용하여 원하는 웹툰을 쉽게 찾을 수...
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How Far Am I? - Free GPS Golf ver. 2.0.6

A Free GPS Golf Range finder app that will provide you the middle of the green information. Paid version at: This Golf app will use the GPS ...
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평생메모장(기록방) ver. A

폰이 바뀌면 기록해둔 메모가 사라지셨나요? 메모장을 프린트하고 싶으셨어요? 이메일로 메모장내용을 보내고 싶으셨어요? 이젠 "기록방"에서 모두 해결해 드리겠습니다. CLUD 기반...
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Sniper shot! ver. 1.11.30

This app will turn your friendly Android-communicator to the deadly sniper rifle. Choose a weapon to your liking and look at the outworld over the telescopic sight! ...
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TypingDroid v1.1 ver. A

안녕하세요. 알파버젼부터 시작해서 이제 거의 100일쯤 된 것 같네요~ 아시는 분들도 계시겠지만 그동안 많은 업데이트가 되어 다시 한번 알려드리고자 글을 남깁니다^^
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GO Weather ver. 1.1

Go Weather provides you a stunning, cool and beautiful way to check the weather information. - Video or graphic background based on current weather condition - Display C...
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텔레파시 ver. A

우선 외로우신 솔로분들께 죄송합니다... (__) 혹시 내가 문자를 쓰는 도중에 그사람에게서 전화가 온적은 없나요? 내가 그사람을 생각하고 있는 지금 그사람도 내 생각을 하고있을까요? 오랜 시...
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Horoscope and Tarot ver. 2.3 Exclusive! See into your future with FREE Horoscopes, LoveScopes, and Daily Tarot readings. Instant, free advice, any time you want it, including one qu...
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바 카라 ver. A

바 카라 게임입니다. 처음으로 앱을 개발해서 만들어본 게임인데요 마켓에서 바 카라 혹은 baccarat 으로 검색하시면 다운 받으실 수 있어요 처녀작이어서 미흡한 점이 많습니다. 좋은 좋언 많...
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Moviefone - Movies & Showtimes ver.

Love movies? Trying to find movie showtimes? Moviefone is for you. Find Movies and Showtimes near you, view movie trailers and get movie info. Ready to go to the ...
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The Best Life Quotes ver. 1.0.39

*Facebook sharing added* These are the Best Life Quotes For you, Hope you all like these superb Quotes, We will further more quotes add on it . Share quotes with your fri...
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VitalPlayer 1.0 ver. A

인코딩 작업없이 바로재생이 가능한 동영상 Player 입니다.
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SchottGunn ver. 1.3.0

Turn your Android Device into a Pump Action Shotgun -------------------------------- You know it had to come to the Android sooner or later, and who better to bring it to A...
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Wordroid ver. A

안녕하세요. Wordroid를 마켓에 오픈한지 3달이 지났습니다. 처음에 개인적인 용도로 만들었다가 여러분들의 의견과 도움으로 2.0 버전을 배포하였습니다
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PRANKDIAL ver. 3.0

PrankDial for Android allows you to prank call your friends no matter where you are. US only Features: *library of hilarious prank calls *record the prank call *easily share ...
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NFL Wallpapers ver. 1.1

Get your favorite NFL Team Logo Wallpaper. The wallpapers are installed on your phone but are not an application. To access the wallpapers you need to navigate to t...
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