KakaoTalk is a phone number based messenger service that allows iPhone and android users anywhere in the world to chat one-to-one or in a group for free.
Message arrivals are instantly notified with Push Alert and you can send various multimedia such as pictures, videos, and contact telephone number.

Recent changes:
<A Guide to KakaoTalk 1.3.4 Update>
- Minor bug fixes.

* We are experiencing problems with certain telecom operators that verification codes are not promptly delivered (e.g. Verizon Wireless in the US). While fixing the problems, please let us know of your telephone number and a country code thru our website or an email.

자료 분류 Social 10.0 /2
라이선스 GPL v2
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최초 등록일 2010-12-22 10:37 전체 다운로드 17
최근 버전 1.3.4 다운로드
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최근 업데이트 2010-12-22 10:57 10.0 /2