Craigslist ver. 2.79

Craigslist Notification is the best way to get stuff from craigslist. Stay ahead as you get notifications when new items are registered on craigslist. Features: * Create temp...
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Official eBay Android App ver.

**New For 1.2.1** -The app is now available in more countries -Performance enhancements -Improved reliability of notifications Help & Feedback:
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Midas Locator for Android ver. 1.0.1

Midas Locator for Android phones
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Discount Calculator ver. 1.1.4

Shop Discount Percentage Calculator. Out shopping and see an item on sale? Quickly determinate how much you will save and what the final price will be after applying t...
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모이라(Moira) ver. A

갓대학 졸업해서 신입사원으로 처음 입사해 이제 1년이 다되가네요 몇달전 프로젝트를 받아서 팀원분들과 2달동안 생고생하면서 만들어서 드디어 안드로이드 버전/아이폰 버전이 나왔습니다. 소중한...
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Yard Sale Treasure Map ver. 2.0

Yard Sale Treasure Map lets you quickly find the yard sales near you! You can search by day, view detailed sale info, and get directions to each sale. Add other ...
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xpressmenus beta ver. 1.0

XpressMenus Beta Recent changes: XpressMenus Beta
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US Yellow Pages Search ver. 3.3.1

Yellowbook's free yellow pages search app helps you find local businesses fast. Search by name or category to see a list of relevant businesses or view them on a map. ...
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La Palmera ver. 1.0.6

This store helper application allows shoppers at the La Palmera Mall view a map of the mall, find out information about stores in the mall, and information about curre...
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Bill splitter ver. 1.1.5

You can easy split bill in restaurant between few peoples! Enter bill amount, tip in percent you want add and person count. When you calculate result you will get tip ...
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American Tech Supply ver. 1.0

Wholesale fiber optic cables, CAT5, CAT6, CAT7, CAT5E, server racks, and data cabinets. American Tech Supply offers a wide variety of fiber optic cable, CAT 5e...
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Shoppening ver. 1.1

SHOP WITH PROMOTION THAT HAPPENING NOW Shoppening on your phone let you & your friends know what each shop’s offering for you. Don’t miss to get your d...
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Ebay for Android ver. 1.0

Shop online auctions for electronics, motors, sports, books, movies, dvd's, smart phones, and more with Ebay for Android. Ebay for Android is a wrapper for Ebay's mob...
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Amazon for Android ver. 1.0

Shop for electronics, video games, computers, dvd's, movies, books, smart phones, and more with Amazon for Android. Amazon for Android is a wrapper for's mobi...
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Reward Card Wallet ver. 1.5

Reward Card Wallet makes all of your reward cards easily accessible without adding bulk to your key chain. Your information is securely stored digitally so you will never ...
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我的团购 ver. 2.8

注意,如果你安装了以前的我的团购的2.6版本,请备份你的团购券。现在这款包名已经改变,将不会保留原有的团购券。 最新功能: 短信扫描创建团购券 短信拦截创建团购券 我的团购券管理 支持离线浏览,更省流量 优化详细资料...
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Nicki Minaj ringtone ver. 1.1.002

A tool to help you search and download the music of Nicki Minaj. The download music can also be edited and used as ringtone or alarm using this tool. Feature: *search,prev...
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Stick & Nails ver. 1.0

Find and buy stickers and nail piercings. Funs, original and female ! Stick & Nails is a leader in the sale of stickers and nail piercings. - More than 500 referenc...
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BusinessGrid ver. 1.7

Grid delivers over 2000 services in 65 countries, covering the complete business lifecycle, including registration services, accounting, media design, hosting, printing, ...
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kaufDA Navigator ver. 1.2

Entdecken Sie mit dem kaufDA Navigator, der brandneuen App der prämierten Website, die besten Angebote aus Ihrer direkten Umgebung! Blättern Sie in Prosp...
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