Android Task Manager

ATM - Froyo support

Android Task Manager is the overall system application.
Task, Application, Sd card, Device, system information can be managed in a single shot.

● Task Management (Task)
- If you touch the item, manage menu will appear.
- Background, a list of running processes that are stopped
* Service Process : does not show up as a service to users running process (mp3 music playing, atmospheric transmission network, etc.). Should be reviewed when you end.
* Background Process : applications to users that do not show up. Safe to end.
* Empty Process : Kill-able process. Cached application
- Used Memory information
- Package information
- The process stop, restart, delete, and detailed information
- Add ignore list and Ignore list management
- Auto-kill task
- Shake-kill task
- Startup-kill task
- One-touch-kill task
- Favorite application list
- Application share(Recommend)

● Application Management (Applications)
- If you touch the item, manage menu will appear.
- A list of installed applications
- Package information
- App Version information
- App file size
- To run, delete, update, verify, assess, comment Leave, More info
- Backup to SD Card
- Install and Delete from SD Card
- External APK file install support. (Android package install file)
(path : /sdcard/smart/manager)
- Application search
- Favorite application list
- Application share(Recommend)

● Information(Progress bar)
- Device information
- CPU info
- Ram info(Total, Used, Available)
- Battery Information(Temperature - Celsius, Fahrenheit)
- Internal storage space, information(Total, Used, Available)
- External storage space, information(Total, Used, Available)

● Settings
- Android Task Manager Settings
- Volume control
- Screen brightness
- Wireless network
- My location (network, GPS)
- The application
- Bluetooth Settings
- Language settings
- The date and time

● Home screen widget
- Widget Update Time Adjustable
- specify the possible actions when clicking widgets (one-touch kill or task management screen)
- Update info / Avail Ram(1×1)
- Update info / Total Ram, Avail Ram(2×1)
- Internal Storage / External Storage Info(2×1)

Use shortcuts on the main screen, you can easily Android Task Manager program, you can access.
If you use widgets feature state of the current Ram and Android Task Manager you can easily access the program.
Bugs, issues or ideas, please let us know. I will review the application as soon as possible.

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