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"QR Droid" is a complete QR code reader, generator and scanner for your Android. Easily scan QR codes from camera, decode them from images saved in your device or from URL of images stored in Internet. Create QR codes in less than one second from your contacts, bookmarks and installed applications; browse and search them, select an item and choose exactly what information to encode. Generate QR codes for calendar events, phone numbers, geo-locations, sms, or any text you want. Additionally, "QR Droid" saves a complete history of every QR code that has been created or decoded. Browse and search that history or delete items you no longer need.

(QR Droid requires some technical knowledge to use. If you can't make it work, don't know what QR is or have any question, please don't rate/comment before asking for help to

• Encodes contacts, bookmarks, calendar events and free text as QR (Quick Response Bar code)
• Lets you share apps: It list all your installed apps and lets you search any of them. After you choose one, a Market link is encoded in the QR image
• Scans QR codes from camera, decodes images saved in your device and from URLs of QR images. It's a complete client. Use it for biz, school, communication/social or just to send messages for fun!
• It allows you to shorten a long URL before encoding it. If a QR code has less information, more readers will be able to decode it
• Always acts as expected after decoding a QR code (it can call or save a contact, show a map, dial a number, send an e-mail, find result in Google, send SMS, copy & share any info...)
• Generates and decodes QR images in less than a second
• Saves generated QR image in SD card and lets you send it attached through e-mail, post directly in Facebook and more. If you just want to share text, you can send QR image URL (using Google Chart API)
• Integrates with Browser, Gallery, Contacts, 3rd party file-explorers and more to encode and decode. For example, you can open an image in Browser or Gallery, select "Share", "Decode with QR Droid". Or choose a contact, select "Share", "QR Droid" and choose exactly what info of that contact to encode

• Install Android apps automatically with QR codes shown in Web pages. Instructions here:
• Anytime wanted to scan a QR code shown in a website in Android browser and realized you just can't scan your own screen? Step-by-step guide:
• Want to generate a QR code from a GEO location easily? Check instructions here:
• Generate shortcuts in Home screen to your favorite "QR Droid" option. Check YT video:
• Create your own QR-contact card directly in Home screen

• This is a free, ads-supported app. Ads can be removed with a donation of US$1.50
• If you don't want to grant access to "Your personal information", try "QR Droid Private", which removes 2 features that use that permission, leaving all other great features. We respect your privacy.
(Click “View more applications” to find "QR Droid Private")
• Uses ZXing library. Apache License 2.0
• Some devices don't allow apps to turn flashlight ON and OFF, so this feature could not work

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• One of the best apps of the week, by AndroidPolice
• Recommended by AndroidFreeware, WidgetsLab and WhirlPool

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