Soul Movie

SMI , SRT 자막 지원하는 동영상 플레이어 입니다.

Soul Movie Pro released.

This program support SMI and SRT caption file.

SMI and SRT file have to exist at same place with movie file.

if you have a /sdcard/AAA.mp4, SMI file name must have /sdcard/AAA.smi.

It supported
Colored SMI,
Caption time sync adjust,
Caption size,
folder browser

Recent changes:
* ver 5.4
- When occur Error, It can choice to go to list or stay play view
- Add Random play mode.

* ver 5.3
- Changed seekbar thumbnail.
- Add to Long click of Skip button.
- Fixed to did not change new-line of 2 more line in Srt file

* ver 5.2
- Add exception treat no EXIF library

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