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Now Recipes are simpler: speak or type ingredients you have and find great recipes!

If you feel like discovering new things just browse recipes by categories and start cooking!

Quickly find recipes for cooking what you have in the fridge by tying the singular ingredients.

Application Features:
- Complete recipes directions.
- Search recipes by ingredients and food title.
- Chat on food related topics.
- Comment and rate recipes.
- Favorite recipes for quick access. Just like a cookbook.
- Full functional forums with emphasis in recipes, food and health.
- Full sharing of recipes to: email, sms, twitter, facebook and others.
- Sharing and send links to so your friends can see your recipes.
- Create your own recipes; share with friends and community. has already helped millions of people to:
- Have a healthier food menu.
- Talk with a community of people with the same food tastes.
- Discover new recipes and cook great food.
- Save and share their precious cooking secrets to the cloud.
- Impress friends and family with great meals.
- Find food that fits their diet.
- Talk to other people about their diet and healthy tricks.

Now after you finished to cook you can take pictures of your impressive creations and share them to facebook, twitter, sms or email.

Forums is the new feature of the app. Discus cooking and recipes with people interested in health and food in general. Includes forums on these topics: cooking equipment, favorite recipes, baking, preserving, vegan cooking, diabetic meals, coffee discussions and diet forum.

Browse and cook Holidays recipes by going to:
-> All categories -> Holiday Recipes

Recipes is developed by Check our website and show it to your friends.

Recent changes:
ver 2.10:
- Added recipe builder. Now you can create your own recipes, list and share them.

ver 2.10:
- Fixed issues with android sdk > 2.0

ver 2.09:
- Fixed ads issues with android sdk 1.5 devices.

ver 2.08:
- Added snapshot upload. Now you can show to everyone all the cool recipes that you cooked.
- Added auto complete for the last searched queries.

Please, don't hesitate to send us feedback at anytime.

Thank you

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