Your app for walking, running, biking & other activities.
"Arguably better than any fitness app on the iPhone"
-Bob Tedeschi,New York Times

* Weight Loss Trainer and Calorific diet add-ons
* Tracks indoor/outdoor activities - calories, GPS, pedometer, etc.
* Voice & music player
* Schedule & reminders
* First mobile Google Health partner
* Heart rate monitor - see & record heartrate with Polar's Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor
* Racing, high score
* CardioTrainer Pro with interval workouts

To respond about spam sending: we sent *one* e-mail newsletter to those people who signed up for a permanent account *with their e-mail address*, to tell them about the new Heart Rate Monitor, with a super-clear unsubscribe link at the top. We do not spam, nor do we EVER share your information with anyone. Your privacy is very very important to us -- this is why the default mode uses an access code (CTO, Artem Petakov).

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