I wrote this application because I started doing Weight Watchers with my wife.

Food tracker
Weight tracker
Supports new PointsPlus & old system
Food point calculators
Activity point calculators
Point allowance calculators

This program is highly configurable and can be made to work with almost any point program! Try it out and post feedback on the forum to help make it better for everyone!

All support provided through the forum, please post problems there. I cannot respond to comments in the market.

By using this program you agree that I am not responsible for any of your problems :)

I am not affiliated with Weight Watchers

Recent changes:
Data recovery improvements.

Notice: Previous to this update, duration of activity point calc was limited to between 10 and 60 minutes according to the WW slide rule materials. This limit has been removed, you may now earn more activity points for long duration workouts.

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