Nate Fortune ver. 2.0.1

Meeting with Nate Fortune and Android~ Fortune Gift set~ Daily Fortune, Friendship Fortune, A New Year fortune, Tarot Fortune, Interpreting a dream, et...
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LauncherPro ver. 0.8.2

런쳐프로 입니다. 무료이고 위젯을 사용하기 위해서는 유료 구입을 하셔야 합니다. If you can't open it, download "ClearDefaultHome" or "Home Switcher" - Super-s...
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위치추적_여기요 ver. A

- 밤늦게 귀가하는 여친이 걱정될때!! - 자녀의 위치를 알고싶을때!! - 이동한 기록을 남겨놓고 싶을때!! - 잃어버린 핸드폰을 찾을때!!
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Gesture Alarm Call (제스처알람콜) ver. A

***안드로이드 마켓에서 무료로 다운받으실 수 있습니다.*** ***본 App은 갤럭시S와 모토로이에서만 사용가능합니다 ***Task killer류의 앱을 쓰시면 Ignore List에 추가해 주세요(안그럼 알람이 울리...
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고민그만 ver. A

오늘 점심 뭐먹지?? 매일 점심때마다 점심메뉴로 고민 많이 하셨죠? 이제는 고민그만으로 룰렛을 돌려보세요~~~!! 여러가지 메뉴를 선택한 다음 터치만으로 룰렛을 돌릴수 있습니다. 뿐만 아니라 점심...
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공연정보(Performance Schedule) ver. A

콘서트, 연극, 뮤지컬, 클래식, 오페라, 아동극, 전시행사 등 공연정보를 제공합니다. 검색분류는 쟝르, 공연진행여부, 지역으로 설정할 수 있고 제목, 공연장 텍스트 입력 검색, 공연일자 검색...
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Sniper shot! ver. 1.11.30

This app will turn your friendly Android-communicator to the deadly sniper rifle. Choose a weapon to your liking and look at the outworld over the telescopic sight! ...
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TypingDroid v1.1 ver. A

안녕하세요. 알파버젼부터 시작해서 이제 거의 100일쯤 된 것 같네요~ 아시는 분들도 계시겠지만 그동안 많은 업데이트가 되어 다시 한번 알려드리고자 글을 남깁니다^^
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Horoscope and Tarot ver. 2.3 Exclusive! See into your future with FREE Horoscopes, LoveScopes, and Daily Tarot readings. Instant, free advice, any time you want it, including one qu...
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Moviefone - Movies & Showtimes ver.

Love movies? Trying to find movie showtimes? Moviefone is for you. Find Movies and Showtimes near you, view movie trailers and get movie info. Ready to go to the ...
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The Best Life Quotes ver. 1.0.39

*Facebook sharing added* These are the Best Life Quotes For you, Hope you all like these superb Quotes, We will further more quotes add on it . Share quotes with your fri...
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SchottGunn ver. 1.3.0

Turn your Android Device into a Pump Action Shotgun -------------------------------- You know it had to come to the Android sooner or later, and who better to bring it to A...
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PRANKDIAL ver. 3.0

PrankDial for Android allows you to prank call your friends no matter where you are. US only Features: *library of hilarious prank calls *record the prank call *easily share ...
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NFL Wallpapers ver. 1.1

Get your favorite NFL Team Logo Wallpaper. The wallpapers are installed on your phone but are not an application. To access the wallpapers you need to navigate to t...
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Funny Jokes ver. 2.9

#1 Jokes app for Android! Have a laugh at thousands of funny jokes, and add your own. - Thousands of Free Funny Jokes in many categories (Chuck Norris Facts, Yo Momma jokes,...
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GameCenter Games, News & Video ver. 1.2.8

GameFly GameCenter is the ultimate video games app for Android. All for FREE! -Get info on 7,000+ games for Xbox 360, PS3, PS2, Wii, DS, and more -Up-to-the-minute vi...
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Steamy Window ver. 2.2

Get your phone steamy with this hot new app. The steam covers the whole screen and you can wipe it off again with your fingers. Lots of fun! Features: - Moving water...
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XBOX Live Statistics (BETA) ver. 0.8

Same Developer of PS3 Trophies BETA version, LAST Release XBOX Live Statistics shows Profile Information, Games, Friends, Achievements, send messages, friend request. If...
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StumbleUpon ver. v1.5.2

StumbleUpon is a discovery engine that finds the best of the web recommended just for you, based on your preferences and recommendations from millions of users who sh...
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iLightr Free - Virtual Lighter ver. 1.3.0

iLightr is the next best thing to having a real lighter in your pocket! Combining stylish case designs and a stunning photo realistic flame, iLightr is sure to come i...
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