Pocket Legends (3D MMO)

"World of Warcraft in your pocket" - Yahoo! Tech
"Addictive fun like no other MMO" -


Info and exclusive giveaways:

Pocket Legends is on-the-go gameplay with hundreds of thousands of people worldwide.

Having trouble installing the latest version of Pocket Legends? Some devices fail to install large apps directly to sdcard.

Try the following:

1) Uninstall Pocket Legends
2) Unmount your sdcard
3) Clear your Marketplace cache and data in your applications manager
4) Download/Install Pocket Legends
5) Remount the sdcard

Then move Pocket Legends back to the sdcard (if you want).

Pocket Legends: It's a Great Big World in Here :)

"Pocket Legends" is a ground-breaking and unique Mobile MMORPG, or 'massively-multiplayer online role-playing game' where you can join thousands of players from around the world. Play with your friends and make new friends online. Cooperate to undertake wild adventures in endless dungeon campaigns! Become a part of this unique fantasy epic! Assume the role of a powerful bear-like Ursan Warrior, mystical Elf Enchantress, or Avian Archer.

Play with anyone, anywhere, anytime!


AppVee: "The game looks great, it's a completely realized world and offers plenty of interaction with other players. If you like MMOs, this is the premiere app for you."

InfoAddict: "Here is a game that delivers the goods; great 3D graphics, intuitive touch-controls, fast-paced action, atmospheric audio, addictive gameplay, smooth-as-silk multiplayer and a bevy of new content added at a blistering pace."

GamePro: "4.5 out of 5 stars... The first massively multiplayer role-playing game on the iPhone and iPad is a staggering success, boasting an engaging persistent online world and a wide variety of customizable character classes that set it apart from the typical MMO grind."

MMORPG: "The game is a very slick piece of tech and an absolute blast to play. I have enjoyed the two hours I've invested into it immensely."

Massively: "Pocket Legends is the first truly successful 3D MMORPG for mobile devices... World of Warcraft in Your Hands."

TouchGen: "This is a full on 3D MMORPG, with all the stops pulled. It looks awesome, and plays just as well."


- 3D real-time persistent iPhone MMO
- Plays across all devices (2g, 3g, 3gs, touch)
- Worldwide multiplayer adventures over Edge, WiFi, and 3G networks
- Client/server architecture supports thousands of players
- Upgrade and customize your avatar
- Thousands of loot items
- Dozens of skills
- Regular content updates
- Open World
- Multiple Townes
- Quests
- Trial Accounts
- Leaderboards
- Loadouts
- More Customization
- Improved Performance
- Secure Trade
- PvP
- Gifting
- Stashing
- Vendors
- Conversations
- Booting
- Friends
- Join Filter

Languages: English

Recent changes:
You can now attempt to verify your account from within the game.
There is now an option to preview an item on your avatar in the consignment shop.
There is now an option to preview an item on your avatar in secure trade.
Added support for running at a reduced frame rate to improve battery life
Fixed a bug where it was possible to delete the wrong character.
Fixed various client crashes
Fixed some cases where you would have to log out and back to continue playing if your inventory was full.

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